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First Motorcycle: What's the best motorcycle to learn on?

Updated: Mar 31

First motorcycle to ride
1971 Honda Mini Trail 50

Not my first motorcycle, but this is the motorcycle that I learned to ride on. A Honda Mini-Trail 50. It belonged to a friend of mine and, believe it or not, we would ride 2-up on this thing at our elementary school playground! See the passenger pegs? He still has that bike and sent me this picture about a week ago after having fixed it up last summer. What motorcycle did you learn on? Comment below.


What motorcycles does ETEX use for our classes? Thanks to H&W Powersports in Palestine, here are the bikes we use for our beginner classes.

Yamaha V-Star 250

27" saddle height means incredible handling on this cruiser!

Naked Sport Bike
CF Moto Papio 125

Sleek Naked Sport Bike!

2024 Honda Grom motorcycle
Honda Grom 125

This is a great motorcycle, both for learning and city riding!

Honda Rebel 300cc
Honda Rebel 300

This bike is not only a good beginner bike but is also very suitable as a daily commuter!

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Mar 14

The bike I learned on was a Yamaha V-star 650. I think it was a 2001. It was a very reliable bike that started right up even after getting dropped. The best bike to learn on is one that won't break your heart if you drop it or make another mistake that damages the bike. It should be small enough to handle easily, but large enough to get on the highway for more than an hour at a time.


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