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Rewards for Taking a Basic RiderCourse

Updated: Mar 28

Several motorcycle manufacturers have partnered with MSF to offer rewards for your successful completion of the Basic RiderCourse. Well, I think they call them "incentives", but I call them rewards! If you buy a new motorcycle from any of the following manufacturers, here are some rewards for taking a Basic RiderCourse you can expect. The bikes pictured are just examples.

Low-saddled Rebel
Honda Rebel 300

Honda - $75 Reimbursement for the MSF Training

Naked bike
Suzuki SV 650

Suzuki - $100 reimbursement if bike is purchased within 6 months before or after training

Adventure Bike
BMW F 900 GS

BMW - Up to $350 towards training and $500 towards rider apparel

Sport Bike
Yamaha YZF-R7

Yamaha - $100 Reimbursement for MSF Training

Harley Cruiser
Harley-Davidson Nightster

Harley Davidson - If you're a HOG member at the time you take the course, you'll receive points you can redeem at any HD dealership

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